'Columns' - Axial Compression Capacity of Solid Wood Elements
Wood Used = Dense No.1 Douglas Fir-Larch under normal moisture and load conditions
Maximum Unbraced Length of Column
Note: Loads are in kips, and kips = 1000's of pounds
Example: 6.0 kips = 6000 pounds
6 ft 8 ft 10 ft 12 ft 14 ft
2 x 4 5.25 1.3 kips - - - -
3 x 4 8.75 6.0 kips 3.4 kips 2.2 kips - -
3 x 6 13.75 9.4 kips 5.3 kips 3.4 kips - -
4 x 4 12.25 14.7 kips 9.3 kips 5.9 kips 4.1 kips 3.0 kips
Caution! Care needs to be taken when using the tables. You must be sure of what type of loading you are going to place on the Column. If you are not sure then be sure ask your Engineer or Architect.

Nominal Column Size = Size used to order material, such as, a 2 x 4, but which is Actually 1 1/2" x 3 1/2". Therefore, when an Engineer or Architect perform the calculations on a wood member they use the Actual dimension (which is smaller than the nominal size).

Maximum Unbraced Length of Column = The length of the column from one brace or support point to another (length shown in feet).

kips = Example: 6.0 kips = 6000 pounds

Axial Load = Directly loaded down the center of the column (these columns are not designed for cantilevered loads, which produce bending).

These Tables are to be used to Estimate the Lumber needed for Construction and MAY ONLY BE USED FOR DESIGN BY SOMEONE WHO HAS THE KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE IN CONSTRUCTION.

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