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Select the Phase of Engineering or Architecture for which you desire information. You will be provided with some Examples, Code Information and How certain phases of Engineering are anaylized and computed. In the 'How to' section of our Web Site, which can be found under each Engineering Phase, you will find Definitions to terms relating to the Engineering and Architectural fields.

Engineering and Architecture are very challenging professions. These professions are never boring, each project brings a new set of challenges. For an Engineer and Architect to be sucessful, they need to be continuously involved in their respective professions and be up-to-date with new technologies and products.

For those of you planning to enter the profession of Engineering or Architecture, be prepared to study long and hard. Nevertheless, they are noble and satisfying professions.

A Bit of Philosophy:

Remember, as you go through life, there is no such thing as a setback, just a change of direction

It is not important what you do for a living, but that you are happy doing what you do, and that you cannot wait to get up the next day to do it again. This is the real measure of success.

Why is it that the harder (work smart) you work, the more successful you become?

Not All Stress is Bad:

There are various types of stress. I have personally experienced two, and they are:

    Bad stress: the kind of stress that causes you to worry and will eventually make you sick. Among these stresses are the worry of not being able to pay your bills, health problems, employment problems, etc.

    Good stress: such as, having a successful business and having concerns on how to get all of the work done. This kind of stress can be a motivator, because you know that upon completing your tasks, you will be rewarded for your efforts, either financially or from the satisfaction that others appreciate your work.

Be positive, everyone loves to deal with positive people .....

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