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Our Web Site has been developed as an Information Center to help the non-technical individual to better understand how the Engineer and the Architect work for you in the construction industry.

You will be able to review Structural, Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering information for residential and light commercial buildings. It is not possible to answer all Engineering questions nor to provide indepth information, but we do hope you find the information interesting and helpful. As an added bonus we will provide information on Architecture and what an Architect can do for you. We hope that when you have completed your visit to our Web Site, you will better appreciate your Engineer and Architect.

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Foundations, Supports, Beams, Slabs, Framing Systems, Sizing of Members, Gravity loads, Seismic Loads, Static and Dynamic Force Analysis, etc.

Incoming Power Supply & Transformers, Distribution & Feeder Lines, Panelboards, Lighting, Telephone, Intercom, Computer, Radio, Television, etc.

Ventilation, Generators, Pumps, Air Conditioning, Elevators, Fire Protection Systems, etc.

Plumbing, Drainage, Water Distribution Piping, Underground Tanks, Elevated Tanks, etc.

Roads, Bridges, Retaining Walls, Revetments, Landscapes, Parks, Pavements, Sidewalks, etc.

Residences, Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Industrial Buildings, Apartment Buildings, Car Washes, Municipal Buildings, etc.....

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